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Dedicated resources fully isolated by KVM virtualization technology

Price list Cloud VPS KVM SSD

Better than a dedicated. Secure and fast VPS

CPU Ram Storage OS Transfer Connection Monthly Price
1x 2Ghz 512 MB 10 GB SSD 1000 GB 500 Mbit $8.90 Contratar
2x 2Ghz 1 GB 20 GB SSD 2000 GB 500 Mbit $16.90 Contratar
2x 2Ghz 1.5 GB 30 GB SSD 3000 GB 500 Mbit $22.90 Contratar
3x 2Ghz 2 GB 40 GB SSD 4000 GB 500 Mbit $28.90 Contratar
3x 2Ghz 3 GB 60 GB SSD 5000 GB 500 Mbit $40.90 Contratar
4x 2Ghz 4 GB 80 GB SSD 6000 GB 500 Mbit $49.90 Contratar
4x 2Ghz 6 GB 120 GB SSD 7000 GB 500 Mbit $68.90 Contratar
6x 2Ghz 8 GB 160 GB SSD 8000 GB 500 Mbit $84.90 Contratar
6x 2Ghz 12 GB 240 GB SSD 9000 GB 500 Mbit $116.90 Contratar
8x 2Ghz 16 GB 320 GB SSD 10000 GB 500 Mbit $144.90 Contratar

Available Resources

Root / Administrador access
Reboot and management via Client Area
Console Access / VNC / RDC / SSH
System Installation via ISO Image
ISO upload (via ticket system)
CentOS / Debian / Fedora / Ubuntu / Windows Server 2003 ~ 2008
Operational systems 32 or 64 Bits

Available Services

cPanel License - $19.90 per month
Automated Backups - starting $2,90 per month
Windows 2003 / 2008 / 2012 Server STD - $14.90 per month
Professional instalation of cPanel + Firewall - FREE
Professional instalation of Webmin + Virtualmin - FREE
Unlimited support tickets - FREE
Support via online chat - FREE

Price and Discount Comparison Table

Plan Montly Quarterly 5% of discount Semi-annual 10% of discount Annual 20% of discount
KVM 01 $8.90Not available for monthly payment $25.90equivalent to$8.46per month $48.90equivalent to$8.01per month $85.90equivalent to$7.12per month
KVM 02 $16.90per month $45.90equivalent to$15.22per month $86.90equivalent to$14.42per month $153.90equivalent to$12.82per month
KVM 03 $22.90per month $64.90equivalent to$21.56per month $122.90equivalent to$20.43per month $217.90equivalent to$18.16per month
KVM 04 $28.90per month $81.90equivalent to$27.06per month $153.90equivalent to$25.63per month $273.90equivalent to$22.78per month
KVM 05 $40.90per month $114.90equivalent to$38.05per month $216.90equivalent to$36.05per month $384.90equivalent to$32.04per month
KVM 06 $49.90per month $140.90equivalent to$46.93per month $266.90equivalent to$44.46per month $474.90equivalent to$39.52per month
KVM 07 $68.90per month $196.90equivalent to$65.53per month $372.90equivalent to$62.08per month $662.90equivalent to$55.18per month
KVM 08 $84.90per month $242.90equivalent to$80.75per month $458.90equivalent to$76.50per month $815.90equivalent to$68.00per month
KVM 09 $116.90per month $332.90equivalent to$110.76per month $629.90equivalent to$104.93per month $1,119.90equivalent to$93.27per month
KVM 10 $144.90per month $412.90equivalent to$137.39per month $780.90equivalent to$130.16per month $1,388.90equivalent to$115.70per month

Why choose WaveNic services?

Our servers use SSD LOCAL local storage,
that makes fatest servers in the world.

Friendly Support

No bureaucracy, we are always helping our clients in diverse doubts.

Cancel anytime

We use a simple and clear contract, in this way, you can read and understand.

Customer Portal

Full management of your services available on our portal.

24 x 7 monitoring

Our services are monitored by technicians in our datacenters 24 hours a day.

Free Migration

Want to bring your service to WaveNic, we'll make the complete migration for you.

Constant Upgrades

Our structure is prepared to accept upgrades! Updated hardware and software.

Looking for a custom solution?

We can provide a customized solution with the features you need.
We will be happy to assist you!

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