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Terms of Use / Contract

Please read all terms carefully

Terms of use / Contract

Wave Nic provides services called "Hosting". It has the responsibility to protect each client and provide them with the best services possible. The following guidelines are designed to ensure the quality of our services so that all our customers can get the services right.

Verification of accounts / Identification of the contractor

For the safety of all users of our services, all requests to purchase or hire services in our company are reviewed manually. A consultant should contact the contractor to confirm of the data entered in the purchase / hiring form. No plan or service is activated prior to this confirmation even though your payment has already been made. In cases of hiring dedicated services, if the consultant deems it necessary, he may ask for a copy of documents that identify the person in charge of the contracted service.

WaveNic DOES NOT CONSULT contractor data in credit protection agencies because all our services work with payment in the form of (Pre Paid - "You pay after use"). Therefore, if there is a need to verify the identification of the contractor, it will be done for conference only.

Why does WaveNic need to confirm my registration information? Many people use internet services (such as those offered by WaveNic) to harm others, steal data, host malicious programs, advertise pedophile items, racism and others, for this reason, will be necessary to send proof of identification of the person responsible for the contracted product and / or proof of address. WaveNic also reserves the right to keep a copy of all customer data (on paper stored in a secure place).

The contractor (PROHIBITED) is forbidden: The penalty for infractions of the following conditions may result in suspension or termination of the service provision and / or the sending of information to the responsible authorities without prior notice

Send advertising / advertising emails without request of the recipient(s). Our servers are automatically monitored 24 hours a day regarding SMTP usage. To understand our policy well, we characterize as SPAM an unique unsolicited e-mail sent;

Provide or store any copyrighted or copyrighted material, including music, photos, movies, videos, games, distribution or disclosure of passwords for access to outside programs, defamation of persons or businesses, allegations considered to be dangerous or obscene, protected by state secrecy or other legal status;

Promote or provide instructional information about illegal activities that promote or induce physical or moral harm to any group or individual;

Make available, use or store any material that exploits in any way, children or adolescents under 18 years of age. (If any content of this type is stored in any of the services provided by our company, it will be forwarded to the responsible authorities for the materials to be investigated without prior notice);

To make available, use or store any material that is grotesque or offensive to the Web community, which may include, but is not limited to, fanaticism, racism, hatred or profanity;

Transmit, store or disclose any material related to hacking / cracking or adult material related to pornography, including links to other sites with such content. The CONTRACTOR shall be the sole arbitrator in the evaluation of what constitutes a breach of this measure;

Tentar operar IRC ou bots de IRC em qualquer um dos serviços prestados pela WaveNic. Qualquer tentativa resultará em cancelamento imediato da conta;

Try to operate IRC or IRC bots on any of the services provided by WaveNic. Any attempt will result in immediate account termination;

Transfer to third parties or allow them to use the account , which is exclusive use of the CONTRACTOR ;

Do not comply with agreements previously established between the CONTRACTING PARTY and their consumers , as well as not complying with commitments published on the CONTRACTOR's website ( false advertising ). Any illegality in this regard will be punished with the IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF THE PROVISION OF THE CONTRACTED SERVICES, REGARDLESS OF NOTICE OR NOTIFICATION;

Provide the CONTRACTOR with false information through the service request form. This attitude will be punished with the IMMEDIATE SUSPENSION OF THE PROVISION OF THE CONTRACTED SERVICES, REGARDLESS OF NOTICE OR NOTIFICATION;

Monitored services with automatically-enforced rules: To ensure that all customers can use the WaveNic infrastructure correctly, safely, and smoothly.

Each domain can send a maximum of 200 emails per hour. If you have a reseller hosting account, each of your clients will also only be able to send a maximum of 200 emails per hour. Emails that are sent above the quota will be automatically blocked by the system;

If a single client is being attacked , the attacked service will be disabled until the attack is terminated so that all other clients that also use the same network. We have emergency services to protect attacks, however these services have a high cost and the contractor who is the target of the attack must pay the cost of the protection service against attacks if you want to keep online;

Obligations of the contractor:

Take care of the effectiveness of the WaveNic network, adopting with all users all necessary measures to avoid damages to the operation of the same

Provide technical support to the CONTRACTOR consisting of configuration information for publication of the pages, reading and sending e-mails and access to other services. Technical support for the development or installation of HTML pages or CGI scripts, Perl, PHP, Javascript, MySQL, or any other Internet development language is not included in this service provision, nor is it applications such as Front Page, Dreamweaver, Flash or any others. Technical support is limited to web hosting service rendering. Custom change requests will also not be honored in the available e-commerce software, server settings, control panel, or any other program available in our packages;

Technical support will be provided via Web Chat ( when available ) or ticket system in the customer center. Any and all requests from the contractor must be duly sent via ticket so that the request is registered in the system even if the request has already been made via Web Chat.

Inform the CONTRACTING PARTY three (3) days in advance of the interruptions necessary for technical adjustments or maintenance that require more than 6 (six) hours of duration and which may cause damage to the operation of the hosted site, except in cases of urgency , so understood as to jeopardize the proper functioning of our network;

Payment Policy:

The monthly payment must be made by the CONTRACTING PARTY on the due dates (with 2 days of tolerance) , based on the date of request of the hosting account;

Failure to comply with the provisions above until the due date will be considered a breach of contract, subject to a fine of 4% on the amount due. In the event of a return of a check by the bank, the CONTRACTING PARTY shall reimburse the CONTRACTOR for the charges of "return of check" in the amount actually spent by it;

After 5 (five) days from the due date, the provision of services will be interrupted, without exempting the CONTRACTING PARTY from the obligation to fulfill the monthly charges, mails relating to the blocked account of the CONTRACTING PARTY. For the rehabilitation of the service, the CONTRACTING PARTY shall pay the amounts due, and wait for the bank clearing of the payment in our system (from 24 to 72 hours after payment).

After 30 days from the expiration date, the CONTRACTOR may delete all data, files, e-mails or other information that are stored in the account of that and the additional accounts of the CLIENT's customers. This process is executed automatically by the account management system, that is, after 30 days there will be no way to retrieve this data again. To reactivate the service, the CONTRACTOR must re-register. The CONTRACTOR reserves the right not to accept new accounts of debtor clients or return of clients excluded due to default or may condition the return of payment of previous debts in arrears before proceeding to the appraisal of the new request.

About login and password:

The user name (login) and password of the service in question will be created by the CONTRACTOR when opening the account in the system. The CONTRACTOR may change his password if he wishes. The CONTRACTOR reserves the right to change the password at any time. In this case, the CONTRACTOR shall inform the CONTRACTING PARTY of the new password, except if the CONTRACTOR is in arrears. The user name can not be changed. The password can be changed by the CONTRACTOR itself, not requiring the payment of any additional fee;

The custody of the password to access the system is the sole responsibility of the CONTRACTING PARTY. The CONTRACTOR shall not be liable for any misuse.

Values ​​and cancellation:

The service provided by the CONTRACTED PARTY can be canceled via request of cancellation with the opening of a ticket in the client's central office at any time, without penalty, as long as the monthly payments are duly paid. Requests for cancellations must be made at least 20 (twenty) days prior to the next monthly payment , the service may continue to be active until the next due date, but a new invoice will not be generated;

The CONTRACTOR reserves the right to change the values ​​of its services by notifying the CONTRACTING PARTY thirty (30) days prior to the date they will come into force, as well as providing additional services only to the subscriber who is current with their monthly payments.

Final provisions:

The CONTRACTOR reserves the right to change any technical procedure regarding the contracted services without previous notice;

If any changes are made to the usage policies, the changed terms and conditions will become valid after 30 (thirty) days from the date of the change;

The CONTRACTING PARTY is aware and agrees that the CONTRACTOR may delete all data, files, e-mails or other information that are stored in the account of that and in the additional accounts of the CONTRACTOR's customers, account(s) have been suspended for more than 30 days for non-payment;

The CONTRACTING PARTY is aware and agrees that the CONTRACTOR may delete all data, files, e-mails or other information that are stored in the account of that and in the additional accounts of the CONTRACTOR's customers, if there is order or request of legally constituted authorities or court order;

The CONTRACTING PARTY is responsible for all damages arising from its use of the services, and undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless the CONTRACTOR from any legal claim, including damages and losses required by third parties;

The CONTRACTOR reserves the right to suspend the service of the CONTRACTING PARTY at any time, for any reason, without notification, when any violation or breach of the agreement or acceptable usage rules is found;

The CONTRACTING PARTY undertakes to keep its registration data duly updated. Any and all changes shall be communicated to the CONTRACTOR.

The CONTRACTOR has a policy of backing up files and data of all clients (except dedicated servers) in another geographic location, thus preventing data loss even through natural disasters. However, it is obligatory for each CONTRACTOR to keep a secure copy of their files and data.

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